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About Us


"Maximising self-confidence and enhancing your natural features are the two main objectives in my facial aesthetics practice."

Dr James Olding 

The MAX Philosophy

We believe that aesthetic treatments should be subtle, enhancing and safe, with results that are natural-looking and confidence-boosting.  Feeling good about yourself comes from inside and out, and at MAX we are proud to promote a healthy attitude and approach to appearance, ageing and well-being.

Why Choose MAX

Non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments are rapidly becoming the new ‘normal.’ This transcends age and gender, and there is a growing awareness in society of how to manage and reduce the signs of ageing. Non-surgical treatments include anti-wrinkle treatments with botulinum toxin (eg: Botox ®), fine line filling and facial revolumisation with dermal fillers (eg: Juvederm®), and treatments improving skin firmness and elasticity (eg: Profhilo).

Choosing the best treatment requires an understanding of the problem, knowledge of the products and procedures to combat this, and the practical skills to perform the treatment in a safe and effective way.

What you can expect from MAX

CONFIDENCE  A comprehensive clinical assessment with a UK-trained, GMC-registered, surgically qualified doctor with extensive experience in aesthetics.

SAFETY  A detailed discussion about your health and a formal consent process – in line with GMC guidelines – ensuring the highest standards are met.


PROFESSIONALISM  Adherence to published guidance on aesthetic practice including how we advertise – you will not find any time-limited offers or inducements to have a treatment. Making decisions about your appearance requires time, discussion and a certainty that it is the right thing for you.

FOLLOW UP  Aftercare to ensure you have peace of mind, and that you are able to get the maximum benefit from your treatment for as long as possible.

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