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I was nervous about having any treatment done, and my main worry was about looking 'done'. I had previously had Botox® injections, but the doctor had not taken time to assess me, and I was left with a result that I did not like. This really put me off treatment for a while, despite having concerns about ageing.

 On recommendation, I decided to have an assessment with James. After a long discussion we decided on a plan.  I had filler to restore lost volume to my face, as well as Botox® for my upper face, and James really took on my concerns from my previous treatment issue.  

I am so happy with the results that we have achieved, it means so much to feel like a younger version of me, and I can't recommend James and MAX enough!


Midface Reviolumisation with Juvederm® Voluma

Upper Face and Brow Botox®


I had been recommended James by friends, and with him being surgical doctor with lots of experience I felt confident in what he suggested. I wanted a subtle result to improve my smile lines near to my nose and mouth, and after assessing me, James explained the the cheek area needed to be treated as the first step, using dermal filler. 

After treating the cheek, it became clear that the smile lines did not even require any further procedure - the results were amazing! An all the while still very subtle, which was really important for me. 

Everyone keeps commenting on how well I look!


Midface Revolumisation with Juvederm® Voluma


Chin augmentation to improve anterior projection and, as appreciated in this view, vertical elongation. 


Juvederm Volux


Botox® to platysma muscle of the neck, reducing the appearance of platysma bands, neck lines, an d increasing definition at the jawline.


Neck Botox®

mum neck before.JPG
Mum neck after.JPG

I am so happy with the treatment I had with Dr James - it enhanced my natural looks and made me feel fresher and more youthful. 

The procedure was not painful at all, and James really took his time to discuss my concerns, which made me feel really relaxed. 

100% recommend!


Midface Revolumisation with Juvederm® Voluma

Lower Face Revolumisation and Contouring with Juvederm® Volux


Non-surgical rhinoplasty to correct a dorsal hump using Juvederm Voluma


IMG_6296 2.PNG

Full Facial Harmonization

This case was undertaken jointly by James & Felix, and involved 10ml of dermal filler. It is a demonstration of how holistic assessment and treatment can yield natural outcomes and meet patients' objectives in a subtle, enhancing way.


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