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Choosing Your Aesthetic Practitioner

MAX Aesthetics is championing patient awareness this month. Medical aesthetics is poorly regulated as an industry, and as such patients should be fully informed about both their practitioner and their prospective treatment(s).

In line with published guidance, MAX recommends you find out the following before making any decisions:

1) Is the practitioner a Doctor, Dentist or Nurse? If the answer is no, they should not be carrying out injectable treatments such as dermal filler or Botox(R).

2) Is the practitioner registered with the relevant professional body (GMC, GDC, NMC)? Registration with the relevant governing body ensures professional oversight of a clinician through appraisals, revalidation and being subject to the high standards that patients expect of healthcare professionals.

3) What training has the practitioner undertaken, and how much experience does he/she have in the treatment/procedure being offered? Find out which courses have been completed, and if the clinician has advanced qualifications in any area. Also ask specifically about experience and the number of times a practitioner has carried out a procedure.

4) What products does the practitioner use? Do your own research on the products, as aesthetics is a brand-sensitive industry with different products of varying cost and quality on the market.

5) View promotional content and before/after photos with a hefty pinch of salt and a generous dose of scepticism! The Advertising Standards Agency is quite clear about time-limited promotions for dermal filler and Botox(R) - they are not acceptable! It is also impossible to accurately judge a practitioner's skill and results from the before and after shots posted, as these may not reflect the wider picture.

Far from aiming to scare you, we want to promote informed decision making in what is a poorly regulated market. Recommendation through "word of mouth" continues to be one of the most common methods of choosing a practitioner. However you make your choice, make sure you are fully informed!


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